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My goal, in working with you on your estate plan, is to make things easy and stress free, and of course affordable.


An estate plan is really important so that you can ensure you

give what you want, to whom you want, when you want. 


But, I know most people put off estate planning for two reasons:

1.  Who wants to think about dying. 

2.  The fear that it will be expensive and agonizing because who likes dealing with lawyers.


I am here to tell you that I make things easy to understand.  I

want to bring you peace of mind by knowing you have planned properly.  And I treat you like I would treat a loved family-member.

I pride myself on being down-to-earth, being that attorney that  people actually like, while still being very knowledgeable about trust and estate law.


I am committed to helping people understand all of the legalese that can come into play when trusts, wills, and estate planning are discussed.  Every client is treated with patience, care and compassion.

I've been a practicing attorney since 1997 and learned the legal system from the ground level. 


I began my career as an assistant and worked my way up to an estate-planning attorney with my own practice.


My areas of expertise include trust and estate planning, asset protection, business formation, trust administration, and probate. 

I am an animal and nature lover.  I can be found running with my dog or spending time with my horse, which drove me to add an additional specialty to my practice;  specializing in trust and estate planning for clients with animals.

I graduated from John F. Kennedy University School of Law in 1996 and was admitted to the California State Bar in June 1997.

My passion continues to be making things easy for people;  

ensuring their wishes are documented and their estates are protected from undue taxation and misuse as best as possible. 

about andrea aston top estate attorney trust and estate lawyer or estate planning


Mr. and Mrs. J., Temecula, CA


My husband and I procrastinated when it came to updating our wills and creating a living trust. We worried it would be confusing and expensive.


Andrea made the entire process clear, simple, and affordable. We think she’s saved our family and us a good deal of money and hassle. We both feel a big sense of relief to have this project done.


Andrea is easygoing, intelligent, and thorough. She explained everything in great detail and with unending patience. She’s always kept our best interests at heart and we’re enjoying referring her to friends.

Anne F., Temecula, CA


Thank you so much for your help setting up my living trust. You have a gift for clarifying legal speak.


I feel relieved to know that there is now something legal in place.

Maureen B., Fallbrook, CA


It was a wonderful experience dealing with Andrea while revising our family trust. She explained everything in detail, gave us an estimated fee, and a timeline of completion.


There were no surprises, what she said, she did. We were very impressed with her expertise, her professionalism, and very approachable manner dealing with our legal matter.


We’re grateful for her speedy remedy to our trust issue and my husband I appreciate all her help in getting our trust revised.

Mr. and Mrs. H., Bonsall, CA


Andrea is very pleasant and always returned our phone calls quickly. She’s also cooperative in setting up appointment times and is always a good listener, explaining everything in easy to understand terms.


Her work was completed on time and I’m very satisfied with the service offered.

Marie P., Fallbrook, CA


Estate planning isn’t the most pleasant thing to think about but Andrea has a very nice way about her that makes the process comfortable and easier to talk about.


What more can I say—I trust her with my estate planning and appreciate the sense of security that it brings.


Paul G., Temecula, CA

My overall experience was excellent. I procrastinated far too long with my estate plan and finally completed the paperwork with Andrea’s support.


She was punctual, professional, fair with her fee, and easy to relate/talk to.

J. Mitchell , Vista, CA


Andrea, thank you for your patience and kindness towards my mother, Joyce, as she updated her living trust. It was a stressful time for her but you made it simple and easy. She walked away from our meeting with a load off of her mind.


Our investment advisor made the right decision in recommending your assistance and expertise.

Paul M., Pauma Valley, CA


Andrea puts trust into trust attorney. She settled my trust dispute against a slick L.A. lawyer and his corrupt fiduciary client.

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