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Estate Planning Articles And Tips

Choosing Your Trustee, how to choose a trustee, how to choose the right trustee, who can be a trustee, factors to consider when choosing your trustee

Protecting your assets and loved ones even after your passing means creating an estate plan including  choosing your trustee.

Though you can create a flawless estate plan that could carry out your demands even in your absence, this can only be effectively carried out if you are careful in choosing your trustee.

The following is a thorough discussion whether you should choose a family member, a trusted corporate attorney, accountant, or adviser, or a bank or trust company for your trustee.

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Gifting Assets to My Kids, what is gifting, should I gift assets to my kids, gifting house to kids, estate planning

Is gifting assets to my kids better now while I’m alive, so that I can see the impact of my gift? Does it help with taxes for me or for them?  Does it stop my heirs from speculating or even arguing after I am gone? 


These are some of the top questions parents have for me regarding estate planning.

However, decisions related to transferring money or property can be complex and have serious financial consequences for everybody concerned.

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Secrets To A Happy Retirement, how to have a happy retirement, retirement tips, retirement plans, what to expect during retirement

What are the secrets to a happy retirement? As a trust and estate lawyer for 24 years, I understand how important it is to plan for retirement.

Money is a big part of a happy retirement but most people need other things to be happy in retirement like good health and meaningful relationships. 


What separates the happy from the miserable? Consider these four secrets to a happy retirement.

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Estate Planning and Divorce, updating estate plan, update estate plan during divorce, how divorce affects estate plan

This article discusses estate planning and divorce and why it is important to not overlook your estate plan during the chaos of divorce. 


Divorce is a difficult, complicated, and stressful process, but understanding the impact divorce can have on your estate plan and your potential heirs and updating your plan appropriately should be a part of your divorce todo list.


Estate planning for many people may be the last thing to come to mind when going through the financial stress of a divorce. Others also assume that divorce automatically voids legal documents... That’s totally not the case.

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Can My Parents Disinherit Me, can my parents leave me out of their will, what to do if parents disinherit me, how to challenge a will, can a child contest a will

Can my parents disinherit me?  This is a question that may come up after they threaten to do so and you wonder if you should take them seriously.


As someone who understands this feeling, I, Andrea Aston, a trust and estate as well as probate attorney, am here to advise you that yes, they can, but there are things you can do if this happens.

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