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Celebrating Changemakers: 10 Remarkable Women Shaping Our World

March is Women's History Month, a time to honor the incredible women who have paved the way and those continuing to break barriers. This year, let's celebrate the diverse achievements of ten phenomenal women making a difference across various fields.

  1. Dr. Jessica Watkins (Science): The first Black woman on the International Space Station, Dr. Watkins inspires future generations to reach for the stars. Her research on bone density in space paves the way for longer space missions.

  2. Hayley Arceneaux (Medicine): A pediatric cancer survivor at 10, Hayley became the youngest American in space at 29. She now advocates for childhood cancer research and accessibility to treatment.

  3. Ursula von der Leyen (Politics): As the first female president of the European Commission, Ursula is a champion for global cooperation and a strong voice for human rights.

  4. Jane Fonda (Activism): A legendary actress turned activist, Jane Fonda continues to fight for climate change awareness and social justice well into her 80s.

  5. Amanda Gorman (Poetry): The youngest inaugural poet in US history, Amanda's powerful words inspire unity and social change, particularly among young people.

  6. Michelle Yeoh (Entertainment): A martial arts icon, Michelle Yeoh broke Hollywood barriers for Asian actresses. Her recent critically-acclaimed film "Everything Everywhere All at Once" showcases her talent and challenges stereotypes.

  7. Francia Márquez (Social Justice): The first Afro-Colombian woman elected Vice President of Colombia, Francia is a fierce advocate for environmental protection and social justice for marginalized communities.

  8. Noura Ghazi (Technology): The founder of Webtoon, the world's largest digital comics platform, Noura empowers creators, particularly women, to share their stories through digital storytelling.

  9. Vandana Shiva (Environment): An environmental activist and physicist, Vandana Shiva fights for sustainable food systems and seed biodiversity in India and globally.

  10. Malala Yousafzai (Education): The youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Malala continues to advocate for girls' education through her Malala Fund, ensuring all girls have the opportunity to learn.

These are just a few of the countless women making a difference today. This Women's History Month, let's celebrate their achievements, support their causes, and work together to create a more equitable future.

Andrea Aston, attorney at law, recognizes the importance of this fight. As a strong advocate for women's rights, she uses her legal expertise to empower women in areas like estate planning and ensuring their voices are heard in matters concerning their futures.

Give her a call to start your estate planning today!

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